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  • [Q1 2023] - OpenSilver 2.0 Preview
    • With VB.NET support! (in addition to C#)
  • 2023-2024:
    • Improved support for migrating WPF applications (in addition to Silverlight)
    • .NET CLI support
    • "Business Application" project template to easily get started with RIA Services
    • Support for Microsoft LightSwitch
    • The awesome PivotViewer control will make a comeback :)
    • F# support to create web apps with F# and XAML
    • Dozens of popular JS-based libraries will be made compatible with OpenSilver and distributed as ready-to-use .NET NuGet packages
    • More extensive examples, case studies, and cool demos
    • And lots of other great new features... Stay tuned!

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